The C-suite of long established or new corporations, having issued securities on exchanges to support their capital raising goals, have a critical need to understand the medium and long-term price trends that affect the valuation of those instruments.

At Trend Intelligence we believe that C level executives shouldn’t be left in the dark about current trends in their stock prices.

  • CEO’s armed with Trend’s intelligence can best understand the price trends in their company stock and can talk to investors and analysts on earnings calls far more confidently about what they expect their company stock price future to look like.
  • CEO’s are empowered to create bespoke narratives that either fully support ongoing bullish trends or allow the disarming of bearish trends.
  • CEO’s can better manage their own interests, such as exercising their stock options.
  • CEO’s can also receive intelligence on the price trends within their competitor’s stock.
Treasury & Investor Relations

Trend gives treasury professionals practical intelligence that supports their commodity and interest rate hedging goals, allowing the firm to fully understand its future investment opportunities and risk.

Trend also drives efficiency in investor relations teams by providing hands-on intelligence that builds shareholder confidence.

  • Treasurers backed with Trend’s intelligence can improve their views on hedging future commodity costs like natural gas and oil.
  • Treasurers can receive analysis on government bond yields, supporting either investment in the bonds themselves or by using yield trends as a proxy for the cost of borrowing.
  • Treasurers can receive intelligence that supports the issuance of new company shares.
  • Investor Relations teams can use Trend’s knowledge to enhance their relationships with retail or institutional investors, or use it on their website.
Financial Institutions

Trend allows investment teams, sales and relationship teams, private bankers and research analysts access to our unique ‘side mirror’ of trend-following intelligence – keeping investment teams in tune with price trends across their investments.

  • Investment teams can capture price trends in new or existing investments or conceptualize price trends that impact a fund’s largest holdings or benchmarks, discussing these directly with their clients, or within performance review documents.
  • Sales and relationship teams can convey trend related messaging to clients, supporting either an increase in trading activity or moving client activity into trading assets with more favourable trends.
  • Private bankers can access up to date trends on specific instruments or benchmarks within their client portfolios and tailor specific messaging to clients.
  • Research analysts can cross reference price trends in assets that they are currently researching from fundamental or statistical perspectives.
Retail Investor Platforms

Trend Intelligence gives retail investor platforms access to a full range of trend-following intelligence, giving retail investors access to unique research tools.

  • Retail investor platforms can boost retail trading activity in securities that are exhibiting postive trend signals.
  • Trend allows retail investor platforms the chance to differentiate their service offering in relation to competitors.
  • Retail investor platforms can white label Trend’s research reports for use amongst their clients.
Financial Media

The financial media, either in print or television, relies on delivering accurate price information from global securities markets to audiences around the world.

Trend Intelligence supports the financial media by producing a full range of trend-following intelligence across all major indices, single stocks and liquid assets free of charge.

  • Financial journalists supported by Trend Intelligence can produce accurate reporting on price trends that are underway across all major securities markets.
  • Financial journalists can contrast fundamental news with trend-following intelligence to build a comprehensive picture of market activity.
  • Financial journalists can incorporate Trend’s charts into their news publications (referencing Trend Intelligence).
Complimentary Consultations

Trend supports all of its existing clients by offering one on one video consultations. Clients who are interested in understanding trend signals in the most detail can request a call with one of our analysts.

  • Video consultations discuss specific trend-following indicators and signals.
  • Any number of securities or assets can be discussed within a time slot.
  • Consultations can be scheduled at regular intervals to discuss trend following signals on a specific set of instruments or indices.